Global Governance War For The Future! [Video]

Freedom Or SlaveryCatherine Austin Fitts –  “… when people say, ‘I’m not important.’ Wrong. You’re very important, because if you look where most of the money comes from, it comes from the political control you get, one county at a time and that means…you can harvest everybody and everything now why is it so important to me that every person listening to this can see the control grid that’s operating on you, because when you add CBDCs and Digital IDs – Bam!

That control grid goes from something that is hurting you and me and influencing you and me and tricking you and me to a digital concentration camp right we go from being herded to being under total and complete control to slavery. That’s a huge difference.

“It’s a huge difference and there’s one way to stop that from happening and that’s to back out of the control grid now and that’s why it’s so important you see the control grid.

“Because, if I can see it in my life today; how it’s impacting me, how it’s influencing me, I can start to withdraw, I can start to protect myself. I can start to do things.

“If I know that entrainment is on this digital equipment, if I make an important financial decision, I can turn it off, go out, sit under a tree, sleep on it, think on it and make a decision where I’m not in the glow…it makes a huge difference, just knowing the stuff exists and how it operates.”

There is much more in this very intriguing Dark Journalist interview with Catherine Austin-Fitts.

SF Source Dark Journalist Jun 2022

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